What is Table Tattle?

Table Tattle organises roaming dinner parties to help young Canberrans expand their social circles in new and interesting ways, build professional connections, and potentially find romance without that first date awkwardness.

Is this a dating thing?

Table Tattle can be whatever you make it.

If you're sick of swiping left, form a group with other singles of the same gender and we'll match you up with other groups of the opposite gender (we also accommodate LGBTIQ* participants).

Or if it's just friends you're after, we'll match you up with groups just like yours.

What's the difference between 'hosts' and 'guests'?

After registering, each group is selected as either a 'host' or a 'guest'. Hosts are responsible for cooking and hosting a different group of guests for each course. Guests supply the drinks, and visit a different host for each course.


Can we choose to be hosts (or guests)?

Everyone who registers for Table Tattle should be prepared to be either hosts or guests. Our first priority is to match you with like-minded groups, so the matching process will generally determine which group has which role.

If selected as hosts this time round, we'll do our best to make your group guests at the next Table Tattle event.

How do guests travel between hosts' houses?

We encourage all guests to use Uber to travel between hosts' houses. Uber rides between courses and to the after party are included in the ticket price - just forward us your email receipts for reimbursement. Note, we don't cover transport to the first host.

As a host, what should I cook?

The sky's the limit - this is your chance to impress your guests! Make sure you're well prepared as each group of guests will only be at your place for 45min - 1hr.

We'll let you know of any guest dietary requirements in the week before the event.

As a guest, what drinks should I bring?

You'll need to bring 3 bottles of wine per person - 12 in total for your group. You'll leave these all at your first stop for the night.

Your hosts will be putting in the hard yards cooking and cleaning, so no skimping on drinks! We recommend spending at least $10 per bottle of wine.

In addition to the wine, cocktails go down a treat if you want to impress your hosts (we've heard the organisers have some signature recipes to share).

Am I in the right demographic?

We've targeted Table Tattle towards young professionals and later year students aged between 21-35. We'll be matching groups based on age, so it shouldn't matter too much if you're a little outside this range.

Isn't it weird going to a stranger's house?

Not at all! Canberrans are extremely friendly people, and we find that the novelty of our concept makes a perfect discussion point to overcome any awkwardness.

We spend a lot of time matching up different groups to make sure that everyone has the best possible experience. We'll also provide you with an emergency contact number in case anything goes wrong on the night.

Is there any fine print?

Please download our terms and conditions here.